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gravure printing examples

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The file contains all the data required to reproduce the exact tonal values and detail that are required for the correct image reproduction. Gravure inks can be formulated using different types of solvent systems and the printer must ensure that any solvent used is of the correct system. Tremendous progress has been made towards the use of gravure printing in highly-scaled electronics. FUTEC’s 100% print inspection guarantee: How to automate your quality control on typical defects occurring in gravure, flexo and label printing. Printing typically uses common printing equipment suitable for defining patterns on material, such as screen printing, flexography, gravure, offset lithography, and inkjet.By electronic industry standards, these are low cost processes. Prior to this newspapers had published very few photographs. Printing Technology using the lower parts of the printing block for ink transfer. … 4.3 - Doctor Blade –Structure, Types and Mechanisms of doctor blade. Types of gravure printing block –plate – cylinder Gravure printing Prof. Dr. Ulrich Moosheimer Seite 14 substrate material ink printing cylinder impression cylinder doctor blade Gravure units are typically added as part of a combination press configuration. Figure 7.2 - Principles of gravure process. This method gives a very bright and highly reflective appearance  resembling that of foil blocking. Depending on the quality, the resulting print may look similar to, or the same as those produced with the traditional photogravure process using etched cylinders. Electro assist generates an electric field in the ‘nip’ area. Gravure printing is an example of intaglio printing. In this thesis, gravure printing for printed electronics is advanced on multiple levels. Gravure (noun) a printing plate used in the process of gravure. An original is scanned into a computer, the various image densities are determined, and lasers etch the cylinder. The gravure doctor blade unit is far more sophisticated than the type used in the flexo system. After the printing sequence the web then travels upwards into the dryer system, and it is important that the liquid ink is completely dry before the next printing sequence. Gravure printing is still widely used for the commercial production of post cards, magazines, newspapers, and corrugated cardboard (and other packaging materials). (See Figure 7.8). Electro-static assist systems do offer the gravure printer some excellent benefits including improvements in print quality on less expensive stock, faster press speeds and less substrate waste. The popularity of the Su… Gravure (noun) intaglio printing The drying unit is positioned above the print unit meaning that after the print sequence the web travels upwards into the dryer. One of the major differences between the in-line gravure press and the in-line litho and flexo presses is the position of the drying system. Reticulation can be created by inks that are either too thin in viscosity or the solvent balance is incorrect. Direct laser engraved cylinders are imaged using a laser engraving unit that is controlled by a digital file. Developments exist where vacuum metallised particle inks are reverse printed by the gravure process onto a clear substrate, such as a PP. Global Site: Photopolymer plate systems for gravure have been developed as well as computer-to-cylinder systems. In Figure 7.2 you can see the configuration of the gravure unit of the type used in a multi-process combination press with the web, after printing, traveling upwards  into the drying head and then passing downwards over a chilled roller and then into the next print unit for printing the next color. However the use of gravure in the label industry has been increasing, particularly as the facility to produce highly reflective metallic inks and specialised coatings by the gravure process means that gravure units are now used as individual units on combination label presses. At this stage, irregularities in the process that cause recurrent defects can be determined and an instant warning is given to prevent further defects. The drying heads on the gravure press are positioned ‘above’ each print head which means that the web will travel upwards after leaving each printing head. Building on earlier printing methods, modern gravure began in the late 19th century, and became widespread in the early 20th century. This takes the web through the infra-red or UV drying units which are positioned ‘below’ the print unit. We find most of the defects which make labels aesthetically unacceptable. Our core market for many years. As previously explained the image cylinder rotates in the ink duct coating the whole surface of the image cylinder with liquid ink including the image cells. A doctor blade assembly holds the doctor blade, which is in constant contact with the rotating print cylinder. However the gravure press will usually have only one printing unit and not multiple print heads and therefore will print only one color at a time. • Gravure cum Kiss coating method for very low viscosity coatings Some Modifications of Gravure Printing orSome Modifications of Gravure Printing or coatingcoating • Gravure cum Kiss coating method for very low viscosity coatings 67. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Because the inks are liquid and very fast drying it is necessary for the ink to be constantly circulated through the ink weir, ink trough and the ink pumping system. Gravure printing can also be affected by the type of substrate being printed; a smooth surface allows a better contact between the image cells and the substrate surface giving a better ink transfer and less dot skipping. Figure 7.5 - Typical gravure cell formation. The image to be engraved is scanned and the data is digitized. This is called the ‘nip' area and is the point at which the ink from the recessed cells is transferred to the substrate. The gravure printing process is done with flat plates or, more commonly, with cylindrical surfaces.

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